• China Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd certification
    Standard: NSF
    Number: C0171594-01
    Issue Date: 2014-02-06
    Expiry Date:
  • China Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd certification
    Standard: SGS
    Number: SP14-017851.SH
    Issue Date: 2014-06-13
    Expiry Date:
QC Profile


Advanced production line of PU adhesives

In order to ensure perfect products, Huitian prefers most advanced Imported automatic Production Lines.


In the end of 2009, we invested more than 4 Million Dollars to import two German Silicone Production Lines. This improves Huitian’s production from Traditional Batch-type to be Static mixed automatic production lines.


In early 2010, we invested about 17 Million Dollars to set up the most advanced PU sealant production line in China, which makes our production capacity adding 5,000 Tons.


Meanwhile, we never stopped improving our QC and Research Labs. We purchase Carle's test equipment, Abbe refract meter, Voltage breakdown tester, Infrared analyzer, Chromatographic analyzer, Laser particle size analyzer, Gas chromatograph, Tensile tester, Rotary evaporator etc.


100K-grade fully clean Solar back sheet production workshop

In 2011, Changzhou Huitian Solar cell film production line completed and started production, importing the world level of precision coating compound, polymer material extrusion casting processing machinery, to build Chinese largest solar battery back sheet R&D manufacturing base.


The world's leading silicon thousands tons production line-96 level double screw.

In early 2015, a thousands-tons production line was completed and put into production successfully to produce curtain wall adhesives. This production line was qualified by the designed quality standards. Huitian’s curtain wall structural adhesive has obtained the technical identification of the CWAC (Chinese building metal structure association aluminum windows curtain wall Committee). It is the symbol that Huitian participates in the high-end glass curtain wall plastic market competition.


World’s leading thousands ton class fully automatic production line of PU adhesive

In 2015, thousands ton class fully automatic production line of PU solvent-free adhesive for flexible packages and environment-protection water treatment came into production. The line meets the design requirements and products exceed the quality standards. The establishment of this production line is the key to reducing the pollution of traditional packing and printing adhesive to the atmosphere and inhibiting the harm of VOC. The mass production of high-temperature resistant solvent-free adhesive is beneficial to improving the packaging quality and reducing environment pollution, thus creating great social and economic value. Meantime, Huitian has broken through technical barriers in the environment-protection water treatment project. Stable bulk supply to VIP customers is guaranteed by the new production line and the completion of all-round performance test by authoritative customer.