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Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd
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China Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd
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Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd
Introduction Huitian New Material is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in the research, development, and production of adhesives and new materials, with stock code 300041. It has industrial bases and R&D centers in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Hubei. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. Huitian products have passed SGS, TUV, IATF, JET, CQC, GL, JG, UL, DIN, NSF, FDA, LFGB, API, and other certifications. One of the critical suppliers of adhesives and new materials in China's 5G communications, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, rail transit, photovoltaics, packaging, construction, and other industries. Huitian New Material was founded in 1977. Its predecessor was the earliest domestic research unit engaged in the research and development of adhesives. It is also a private high-tech enterprise transformed by a batch of research institutes in the country according to market-oriented operation. The company has a deep professional and technical accumulation and has been identified as a provincial-level post-doctoral industrial base and a national-level post-doctoral scientific research workstation. In 2012, Huitian and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly set up the "High-Performance Adhesive Material Engineering Technology Center". In 2013, Huitian Group inaugurated a new base and R&D center at its Shanghai headquarters to create a world-class adhesives R&D center. In 2015, Huitian was awarded the National Enterprise Technology Centre jointly recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, and General Administration of Taxation. In 2017, Huitian Vietnam Yueyou Co., Ltd was established to start the road of overseas expansion. In 2019, the Huitian Group set up overseas offices in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia to accelerate its overseas business development. In 2022, Huitian New Material Japan Co., Ltd was founded and Huitian Vietnam Yueyou Co., Ltd opened a new office in the north part. In 2023, Vina Evergreen Advanced Material Company Limited was established to invest in the overseas market, localization starts at the same time as internationalization. In 2024, the Vietnamese factory of Huitien New Material starts production in BW Industrial Zone, Hai Duong, Vietnam, taking the first step toward overseas production. Huitian New Materials has successively won the key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Plan, China's well-known trademarks, China's Top 10 Most Valuable Investment Values, China's Adhesive Products Customer Satisfaction Brand, China's Top Ten Innovative Materials Enterprises, Patent Pilot Enterprises, and A series of precious honors such as honest taxpayer unit. The company has donated more than 20 million yuan to society and won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Charity" twice. Vision Become the preferred expert for customers in adhesives and new materials Bent on catching up with the world's advanced-level Mission Industry Serves the Country, Repays the Society Values Customer-centric, striver-oriented Long-term hard work and continuous self-criticism Culture Competition, Reward, Innovation, Gratitude

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No. 251, Wenji Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai China
What would you like to request?
What products and services do Huitian have?
The most comprehensive adhesive solutions in China with six industries (Silicone, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Acrylic, MS, and Inorganic adhesive) more than 2000 products to build core competencies.
What certificates or approvals are available for Huitian's products?
The majority of our products are conforming with REACH RoHS and many also have UL, FDA, and SGS certificates. Other certificates and approvals may not be listed here. Please contact Huitian Technical Department to enquire if the approval you are seeking is available.
What is our delivery method for goods? Delivery time?
The average transit time is around 5-30 days (From SEA to EU) mainly by sea. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and the actual transit time may vary due to factors such as weather conditions, customs processing, and local regulations.
At what temperature should I store my products?
The storage temperature limits can typically be found in the footnote related to shelf life property on the specific Technical data sheet (TDS), which can be obtained by clicking on the attached links in product pages.
Can I use your products after the expiration date?
No. Huitian products should never be used after their listed expiration date. Additionally, some Huitian products may have different shelf life between different packaging. It is recommended to use the product following instructions strictly.
Can I ask Huitian to customize products according to my requirements? If so, what is the customization process?
Yes, Hutian has robust R&D strength with more than 300 researchers, including 10+ scientists and industry experts. Additionally, Huitian R&D investment exceeds 5% of revenue since 2018. The customization process includes requirement confirmation, design discussion, sample production, sample confirmation, mass production, quality inspection, and delivery. The entire process generally takes 1-3 months.