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Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd
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Industrial Adhesive Glue

Lower Cost Industrial Adhesive Glue / MS7931 White MS polymer sealant for auto

Lower Cost Industrial Adhesive Glue / MS7931 White MS polymer sealant for auto

Lower Cost Industrial Adhesive Glue / MS7931 White MS polymer sealant for auto

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: HUITIAN
Model Number: MS7931
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Black, White, Grey
Cartridge And Sausage
Tack-free Time:
40 Minutes
Shelf Life:
12 Months
Work Temperature:
High Light:
industrial epoxy adhesive , industrial strength adhesive glue
Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
1200 pcs
Packaging Details:
310ml/Tube, 10tube/box, 30tube/carton
Delivery Time:
12-16 days
Supply Ability:
800,000 pcs
Product Description

MS7931 White MS polymer sealant , lower cost, long working time used for auto and industrial/

1. Chemical product and company identification

Product name: 7931 MS Sealant

Company name: Huitian New Material


Telephone: (86 710) 3626888

Fax: (86 710) 3820881


2.Risk overview

Risk categories: non hazardous chemicals

Hazard information: no harm

Avoid contact with skin and eyes

Exposure: skin, eye contact.

Possible effects on health:


Eyes to eyes: containing irritating substances, may lead to blurred vision, burning and tears

Skin: may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions

Steam inhalation: may cause irritation to the respiratory tract

Ingestion: harmful if swallowed


Skin: repeated or long time exposure, which may cause irritation

Inhalation: repeatedly or long time exposure to inhaled, may cause internal damage

Ingestion: repeated ingestion or swallowing large amounts, may cause internal damage

Effects of excessive signs and inhaled: under normal use, the single exposure will not affected



3.Composition / information

Chemical name CAS number. % (w/w)

Silane modified polyether trade secret 50-70

di-isodecyl phthalate 26761-40-0 15-25

calcium carbonate 471-34-1 40-55

Auxiliary trade secret 0.5-2


4.emergency treatment

Eyes: distraction eyelids, rinse thoroughly with water for more than 15 minutes, when necessary, send to hospital

Skin: remove stained clothing, cloth or paper wipe as contaminants, rinse thoroughly with water contact areas of the skin, then soapy water wash, If necessary, to the hospital. The washed clothes were stained with.

Inhalation: move immediately to fresh air, difficulty in breathing, oxygen supply, respiratory arrest shall immediately give artificial respiration, send to hospital immediately.

Ingestion: do not induce vomiting, keep calm

Note: according to the specific situation


5.Fire protection

Fire extinguishing materials: water, carbon dioxide, available foam or dry powder fire extinguisher.

Fire and explosion hazards: combustion and decomposition products of COx, SiOx and other organic matter may be harmful, fire, closed containers may explode.

Special fire fighting procedures: fire and the lifeguard should wear positive pressure air supply device, a comprehensive type of respiratory protective , protective clothing such as a full set of protection device. Set the isolation belt, fire from a safe distance.

Flash point: no

Ignition temperature: no data.

Combustion limit: no data

Flammability limit: no data

Hazardous characteristics: no

Fire fighting procedures and special equipment: according to the local emergency plan, decide whether to evacuate the area or isolation. Container water cooling fire affected. Put out the fire to chemicals, should wear self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing.

The products of combustion of harmful: carbon dioxide and carbide micro incomplete combustion

Prohibition of fire extinguishers use: not determined


6.Leakage emergency treatment

Note: personal protective products may cause skin, eye irritation, should avoid direct contact, wash hands, face should diet before.

Environmental protection note: prohibit the use of gravel, dirt or other absorbent absorption, into the ditch, river channel.

Elimination method: comply with the use of the recommendations in this material safety data sheet listed all the personal protective equipment. If the containment item can be sucked up, should be the appropriate internal container loading. Erase or shovel and loaded into the container, so that recycling or disposal. Proper cleaning up the spill area, because even a small amount of leakage will produce smooth harm. Require the use of steam, solvents or cleaning agents for final cleaning. Appropriate soaked in saturated absorbent or clean handling of goods. Because they can produce self heating. The relevant provisions of the law may be applicable to the goods leakage and release, also applicable to clean up the leak of materials. You need to determine the appropriate laws and regulations.

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