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Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd
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Company news about 21th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition

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21th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition


Latest company news about 21th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition

21th china international adhesives and sealants exhibition just had its brand opening in SNIEC on Sep 19,


2018, as the world’s largest and most influential in the adhesive industry, the world’s strongest professional


exhibition in sealant, adhesive tapes and labels are integrated. The exhibition attract nearly 500 well-known


domestic and foreign enterprises, over 25,000 professional audiences, including overseas buyers from more


than 40 countries. Shanghai HuiTian New Material Co., Ltd, it was invited to participated in the exhibition, has


displayed the company's eight product lines, consolidate the existing cooperative relationship, explore a large


number of potential customers, for the development of the market laid a solid foundation. In this exhibition 


HuiTian New Material displayed the major product series, is the most complete product of all exhibitors which


it’s attract the exhibitor's strong interest and wide attention. During the three-day exhibition, the Huitian New


material booth attracted a large number of exhibitors to stop at the exhibition and the staff alway


communicated with exhibitors with full enthusiasm, patience, and the characteristics and advantages of  


the products are vividly displayed under the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of the staff of Huitian


New Materials. After the professional audience and exhibitors had a certain understanding of the products,


they expressed great interest for HuiTian's products. Many customers consulted these products in detail on


the spot, hoping to enter the in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.