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Company news about Come on Huitian Come on Wuhan

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Come on Huitian Come on Wuhan


Latest company news about Come on Huitian Come on Wuhan

At the beginning of new year, a virus war was broke out in Wuhan, China. The whole of China spent a lot of money, material resources and manpower to stop the spread of the virus. As time goes on most of cities already back to normal situation and begun to return to work.

In this resistance battle, as China’s largest manufacturer in the field of adhesive, Huitian New Material Co.,Ltd which always stand on the first and fulfilled its obligations and actively devoted itself to the construction of hospitals in the epidemic area, making our construction adhesive shined as same as all of doctor and nurses what have done for those patients in this battle. In addition, Mr. Zhang feng, the chairman of the board, also made contributions to express his heart.

We are very proud of what you have done, and we believe that with everyone's efforts, wuhan will definitely survive and strong in the future Huitian will get better and better .China will be stronger and stronger.