Huitian Construction adhesive Periodical Breakthrough In India Market

February 20, 2020

Latest company news about Huitian Construction adhesive Periodical Breakthrough In India Market

As the leading adhesive and sealants manufacturer in china, Huitian's globalization strategy never stop even we almost the latest one to  expand our oversea business compare with our china competitors. However A late start makes a quick buck,until now we already had Vietnam branch, Tailand brancn, Indonesia branch, middle east branch and India branch.

We start our india construction project from Sep,2019, At the end of 2019,Our india branch got periodical breakthrough, our first New Delhi distributor's full container order depatured from Shanghai.

Hopefully this full container 9335 weather proof silicone sealant will be shipped to more than 20 retailers in central and northern India through our  distributor's sales network.

Our 2020 plan for india market is 20*20ft container construction adhesive, distributor channel will be expanded to 5-8 and sales net work will cross all over india market. The tie between Huitian and our distributors will be stronger and stronger , Huitian brand will bring the value to our loyal distributor partners too.