Huitian, the pride of China, the focus of the world

February 20, 2020

Latest company news about Huitian, the pride of China, the focus of the world

      2020.02.19, Secretary Cheng, one big leader of Songjiang district party committee visited Shanghai Huitian New material, he highly affirmed that Huitian have the excellent strength to be leading enterprise in adhesive industry, and Huitian can take on heavy responsibility when China is in need, after he already know Huitian rush to rescue two hosipitals of Wuhan/Hubei with 10 tons of million dollars construction structual sealants except chairman's personal donation of 2 million.

      Our chairman Zhangfeng, and some other main leaders in Shanghai Huitian invite secretary Cheng to visit our production plant, and showed current production situation under low rate of returning to work, now we are trying our best to improve our effiency with understaffed situation.

      He praised Huitian is one excellent benchmark enterprise in G60 technology innovation corridor, and will carry on special report to Huitian Group.

      Huitian, already be the pride of China, and the focus of the world!

      Huitian, bond today and future with our technology!



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