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Company news about Samsung Technology Exchange Meeting

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Samsung Technology Exchange Meeting


Latest company news about Samsung Technology Exchange Meeting

      On October 17th, 2018, Samsung Technology Exchange Conference was held in the sixth conference room of Shanghai Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd. at 10: 00-12: 00 am. The meeting focused on the project communication between Samsung and Huitian. Participants are Samsung Purchasing Director, Huitian PUR Chief Technical Officer,etc.
      The Technology exchange meeting officially began after the announcement of the moderator, Vice President of International Trade Dept. Jason Zhang.The topic of the Technology exchange meeting is Visiting workshop, laboratory, exhibition hall, and discussion about PUR and UV projects,etc.
      This exchange meeting is Samsung's first face-to-face meeting in our department,In the PUR and UV project initially reached strategic intent, expressed a strong desire to cooperate with each other.
      The meeting ended in a positive Technology exchange between the two sides, this is a milestone step in the future cooperation between Huitian and Samsung. This Technology exchange played a catalytic role between Huitian and Samsung future cooperation, Look forward to the cooperation with Samsung to create a better future together.