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February 21, 2020

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On Feb.10th. 2020, Shanghai HUITIAN new material CO., LTD started to produce. Under the group's call, our factory finished the production of high quality 150T PV module silicone production every day, and actively coordinated the transportation problems caused by the new coronavirus, so as to ensure the stable production of customers at home and abroad.
At present, the Indian market has a comprehensive and stable delivery, customers like WAAREE, VIKRAM, TATA, GOLDI, RENEWSYS and others, sharing for 35% of the solar Indian market.
Mainly for our construction industry: curtain wall, glass, doors and windows. For electronic industry: power, led, LCD, household appliance, medical consumers, display, MT, Automobile. And with the AIS construction industry, SEM electronics industry cooperation, we will open a new market in 2020.
If you need solar, electronic, construction and automobile products, please contact us and look forward to our meeting in our Gurgaon office.



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