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Shanghai Huitian New Material Co., Ltd Latest company case about PV308C solar cell backsheet advantage introduction

PV308C solar cell backsheet advantage introduction


Latest company case about PV308C solar cell backsheet advantage introduction

Based on the provided technical data sheet for the PV308C solar cell backsheet, here are the key specifications and performance parameters:

Product Information:


  • Consists of 3 layers: air contact layer (fluorocarbon coating), middle layer (strengthening barrier PET film), and EVA contact layer (fluorocarbon coating)
  • Air layer (fluorocarbon coating) thickness: 20±10 μm
  • Substrate PET film thickness: 300±30 μm
  • EVA layer (fluorocarbon coating) thickness: 8±5 μm

Typical Application:

  • Designed for packaging crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules


  • Provided in sheets
  • Packaging pallet carries product name, model, batch number and batch barcode, production date, certification mark, and instructions for use
  • Width: 985mm (customizable)
  • Length: 200m/roll (3 x 3 on one pallet); 600m coiled material can also be provided


  • Outstanding bonding strength with commercially available packaging materials
  • Suitable for various lamination processes
  • Excellent physical & mechanical properties, insulation, barrier, weather resistance, and aging resistance
  • Service life of more than 25 years for modules

Performance Parameters:

  • Color: White/Black
  • Nominal Thickness: 328 μm
  • Tensile Strength (MD): ≥ 110 MPa
  • Tensile Strength (TD): ≥ 100 MPa
  • Elongation at Break (MD): ≥ 100%
  • Elongation at Break (TD): ≥ 90%
  • Heat Shrinkage Rate (MD): ≤ 1.5%
  • Heat Shrinkage Rate (TD): ≤ 1.0%
  • Peeling Strength: ≥ 4 N/cm
  • EVA Interlaminar Peel Strength: ≥ 60 N/cm
  • Coating Adhesion: Level 0 (as per GB/T 9286-1998)
  • System Voltage: 1500V
  • Optical Transmittance (400-1100 nm): ≥ 85%
  • DH1000H Test: No cracking, delamination, blistering, or pulverization; yellowing index △b ≤ 3
  • 100 kWh UV Exposure (Air Side): Conforms to IEC61215-05 10.11 standards

Please note that the information provided is based on the data available in the technical data sheet provided.